Solar Financing Program


Focus On Business, Not Collections

Durham Commercial Capital has put a unique financing program together for solar installers that use financing companies such as Mosaic and GreenSky for their residential installs.

The program is designed to help installers receive cash sooner when installing roof top solar systems for homeowners.

Program Features:

  • Cash in 48 Hours
  • Line of Credit up to $1,000,000
  • No Arbitrary Loan Board Decisions
  • No Fixed Payments
  • Free Credit Insurance

Use the capital you receive to fund your company’s payroll, purchase inventory, take advantage of bulk discount purchasing offers, fund the growth and expansion of your business, or respond successfully to large orders or seasonal demands.

Solar Financing Eliminates The Wait For Payments

Part of our solar financing program allows installers to receive cash much faster than waiting for payments on open invoices. Solar installers typically issue invoices with payment schedules of 30 days or longer. However, staggered payment schedules can place a strain on cash flow. Solar financing turns those open invoices to cash within 48 hours. With solar financing, installers can get access to the capital they need to:

  • Purchase supplies
  • Meet payroll requirements
  • Cover overhead expenses
  • Court larger client accounts
  • Run marketing and branding campaigns

Solar financing from Durham Commercial Capital converts open invoices to cash within 48 hours, thereby allowing solar installers to accumulate growth capital quickly.

No More Collections

There are times when open invoices age out beyond the due date for payments. The conventional process for years has been to perform collections. Unfortunately, collections can delay payments further, up to 45 days from the time the process is started. Solar financing eliminates the need for collections by exchanging all open invoices to cash within 48 hours. This means solar installers can clear out their backlog of unpaid accounts, as well as new invoices, as they are generated.

Reducing The Need For Short-Term Loans 

When finances becomes strained, the natural tendency is to turn to short-term loans. Solar financing provides immediate cash for invoices, which means solar installers can maintain a healthy cash flow, and not have to worry about taking on debt or compromising their credit ratings.

Lines Of Credit 

Getting access to business lines of credit can be challenging for solar installers. Many times, there are hidden fees and the spending limits fall short of what is needed to sustain and grow a solar installation business. Durham Commercial Capital offers lines of credit up to $1 million as part of our solar financing program. Having a reliable source of working capital can go a long way in establishing and growing a solar business. Solar financing lines of credit allow installers to expand inventory, complete jobs faster, and implement growth projects to reach a larger customer base.

Experience The Durham Difference With Solar Financing

At Durham Commercial Capital, we understand the needs of small businesses, and embrace those who see the value in clean energy alternatives. With more people converting to solar energy on a commercial and residential basis, the market for installers is growing. With our program for solar financing, installers can carve out a larger market share for themselves and focus on growing their operations, instead of worrying about invoice payments. Contact our offices today to learn more.

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