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Staffing Industry Financing: Accounts Receivable Financing

Running a staffing agency has its own unique requirements. Staffing agencies need to curate qualified applicants, procure contracts, and ensure a constant cash flow. Durham Commercial capital provides accounts receivable financing for the staffing industry to eliminate the staggered payment schedules built into client agreements. Our AR financing program offers a wide range of benefits to the staffing sector, such as:

• Invoices to cash in 24 hours
• No more staggered payments
• The need for collections is eliminated
• Automatic funding as invoices are submitted
• No loan board decisions for approval
• Reduce liabilities and preserve credit ratings

Grow Your Staffing Business

Invoice factoring allows staffing businesses to concentrate on growing their operations instead of focusing on outstanding payments. By taking advantage of accounts receivable financing from Durham Commercial Capital, staffing agencies can:

• Reach out to more potential clients and applicants
• Procure larger accounts
• Launch targeted marketing campaigns
• Expand into new markets and locations
• Accumulate growth capital

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