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Healthcare Practice Financing: Accounts Receivable Financing

Running a successful organization in the healthcare industry means having a strong cash flow and access to a reliable source of working capital. Durham Commercial Capital provides the most comprehensive program for accounts receivable financing for medical suppliers, private practices, large healthcare centers, and everyone in between. Our accounts receivable offers a wide range of benefits to the healthcare industry, such as:

• Open invoices converted to cash within 24 hours
• No arbitrary loan board decisions
• No debt or impacted credit ratings
• Credit insurance on qualifying customer and patient accounts
• No need for collections

Accounts Receivable Healthcare Financing

Our program for accounts receivable financing is easy and efficient, with a fast application and approval process. For open and outstanding customer accounts, we take a look at the following factors:

• Account size
• Customer credit ratings
• Customer payment history
• Current payment schedule and due date

Once approved, Durham Commercial Capital will automate the accounts receivable process, turning invoice to cash. Out accounts receivable financing will clear out unsettled accounts and convert invoices to cash as they are generated to provide an ample source of working capital for your organization.

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