Financing & Loans for Health Insurance Companies


Financing For Health Insurance Companies: Accounts Receivable Financing

Businesses that specialize in health insurance have a very unique set of requirements. Not only do health insurance companies need capital to maintain regular operations, but also funds to cover contractual obligations to clients. Health insurance businesses simultaneously need a steady cash flow and the ability to accumulate capital to cover claims.

Durham Commercial Capital provides accounts receivable financing for health insurance businesses, covering the capital requirements of companies that sell policies, underwrite insurance agreements, and those businesses that provide the framework needed by smaller insurance agencies.

Financing Tailored To Your Needs

The team at Durham Commercial Capital understands that every business has unique needs. As such, we will work with you directly to understand you requirements, and structure a tailored solution to ensure long-term success. Our financing program covers:

• Acquisitions
• Receivables
• Recapitalization
• Perpetuation and growth

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