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Exchange Unsettled Accounts for Cash Within 24 Hours.

Your accounts receivable could be your company’s most valuable asset.

Factoring allows you to raise working capital without increasing debt. The factoring transaction simply converts one asset (the receivable) into another asset (cash). Therefore, financial ratios and preexisting debt covenants are unaffected.

You can factor all or a portion of your accounts receivable to satisfy your cash flow needs. The decision is yours.

Durham engineers creative solutions with existing creditors to allow clients to continue to grow their businesses. Durham has deep legal experience in negotiating inter-creditor agreements which allow companies access to capital while protecting the interests of all parties.

Financing your receivables can help your company:

  • Expand into new markets
  • Work with larger customers
  • Receive professional assistance evaluating a new customer’s ability to pay
  • Receive cash from your most valuable asset within 24 hours
  • Focus on providing outstanding services to your customers rather than worrying about getting paid
  • Negotiate better terms with suppliers or take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Simply make payroll

→ Getting The Cash Flow Your Business Needs

Durham Commercial Capital offers the most comprehensive accounts receivable financing program nationwide. Protect and boost your cash flow today by contacting our offices by email or by CALLING (585) 218-8610.

Learn More About Accounts & Invoice Factoring:

Accounts Receivable Financing Boosts Your Cash Flow

At Durham Commercial Capital, we understand how waiting on staggered payments from customers can place a strain on cash flow, and prevent a business from growing. Our program for accounts receivable financing gives businesses the opportunity to exchange unsettled accounts for cash within 24 hours. By using accounts receivable financing, business owners can accrue the necessary capital to focus on growth projects, instead of waiting for payments to trickle in from customers.

Removing The Burden Of Accounting

Accounts receivable financing is designed to streamline the business accounting system. Instead of tracking outstanding payments across multiple customer accounts, Durham Commercial Capital’s accounts receivable financing program provides a single, reliable source of revenue. As invoices are generated, they are submitted for accounts receivable financing services, or factoring. We then convert those invoices to cash within 24 hours. Accounts receivable financing helps to automate the accounting process for your business.

Similarly, accounts receivable financing eliminates the stress of having to perform collections on delinquent customer accounts. Business owners can clear out unsettled accounts and get the revenue they need, without having to go through the red tape and additional waiting involved with collections. Because our accounts receivable financing program is non-recourse, businesses get cash for open invoices without worrying about whether or not the customer will actually pay. Durham Commercial Capital will handle that, so entrepreneurs can focus on growing their businesses.

Prevent Cash Flow Problems Before They Happen

While many businesses use accounts receivable financing to correct cash flow issues, more entrepreneurs are using the process to prevent financial crises. Accounts receivable financing ensures a strong and steady cash flow, so business owners do not have to worry about covering overhead costs, unexpected expenses, or chasing down payments from customers. Durham Commercial Capital offers a one-stop solution for accounts receivable and customer management through our AR financing program.

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Durham Commercial Capital offers the most comprehensive accounts receivable financing program nationwide. Protect and boost your cash flow today by contacting our offices by email or by CALLING (585) 218-8610.

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