We offer the solutions you need with the flexibility you demand.

At Durham Commercial Capital, we stand apart from other lending channels in that we have our own capital resources to fund projects. We do not need to borrow from banks or lending firms to provide the solutions you need. Because of this, we are able to maintain complete flexibility, and are not beholden to bank covenants, requirements, or securitization restrictions. All decisions and approvals are made in-house at our headquarters in Rochester, NY. For our clients, this means we can keep processing times low and offer the most favorable terms and rates on loan structures across the board. Our unique position also gives us the ability to work with companies that fall outside of the prohibitive financial and credit requirements of traditional lenders.


Helping businesses reach their goals at every step, for long-term success

We are passionate about conducting our business with trust and integrity. We work extremely hard to preserve our high standards and pride ourselves on helping businesses grow.

What sets us apart from other lenders?

  • We fund using all of our own capital.
  • You can leverage our credit team to investigate the credit history of new business prospects.
  • We can often make a credit decision in 24 hours or less.
  • We are a NON-RECOURSE lender. We are responsible for collecting the debt, not your company.

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