Accounts Receivable

Your accounts receivable could be your company’s most valuable asset.

Factoring allows you to raise working capital without increasing debt. The factoring transaction simply converts one asset (the receivable) into another asset (cash). Therefore, financial ratios and preexisting debt covenants are unaffected.

You can factor all or a portion of your accounts receivable to satisfy your cash flow needs. The decision is yours.

Durham engineers creative solutions with existing creditors to allow clients to continue to grow their businesses. Durham has deep legal experience in negotiating inter-creditor agreements which allow companies access to capital while protecting the interests of all parties.

Financing your receivables can help your company:

  • Expand into new markets
  • Work with larger customers
  • Receive professional assistance evaluating a new customer’s ability to pay
  • Receive cash from your most valuable asset within 24 hours
  • Focus on providing outstanding services to your customers rather than worrying about getting paid
  • Negotiate better terms with suppliers or take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Simply make payroll

Purchase Order Funding

Let us help you turn your purchase orders into invoices.

Purchase Order Funding helps you pay your suppliers when you receive a large order that your current cash flow does not support. This method usually supplies more working capital than a small business line of credit would. Durham is one of the few companies that offers both capital against purchase orders and receivables funding for your business.

As a result, we can provide the capital you need to fill orders with credit-worthy customers.

Benefits of Purchase Order Funding from Durham:

  • Fulfill larger orders to increase your bottom line
  • Ensure timely deliveries to your customers
  • Grow your sales without increased bank debt or selling equity
  • Use OUR cash to pay suppliers; use YOUR cash for marketing, additional payroll, and other tools you need to grow

The process is simple. You provide us with a copy of the order and a schedule of cash requirements to fill the order. We pay your suppliers directly for goods or services that you need to fill the order. Once the goods arrive with your customer, you now have an account receivable and the transaction converts to a Factoring transaction. We simply deduct the amount funded to your supplier and the related fee from your normal Factoring advance.

In some cases, your suppliers may be located overseas. In this case, we can facilitate payment to these suppliers through Commercial Letters of Credit. Using Commercial Letters of Credit on international transactions can protect you from many of the pitfalls of importing products from foreign suppliers.

To get started, call us at (585) 218-8610 and find out more!

Additional Services

Debt Collection, Asset Location and Seizure Litigation
Durham will collect debts on behalf of companies (A/R) and financial institutions (commercial loans, factored receivables). Durham will provide the legal expertise, strategy and execution necessary to collect everything which is owed. This includes contact and negotiation with the debtor, commencement of litigation, location of assets, obtaining judgments and liquidating assets necessary to satisfy the judgment. We have provided this service throughout the United States and have completed asset locations and seizures in over 50 foreign countries. We have a strong background investigating fraudulent transactions and locating assets to return substantial sums to the victims of such crimes.

Pre-Investment Review of Companies and Principals
Durham has a strong background investigating fraudulent transactions and tracking down assets obtained through fraud. We can also complete a substantial review of companies and individuals which you are considering investing money with, prior to the closing of the transaction. We will provide a complete background report, credit review and recommendation regarding the subject’s credit worthiness and history.

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