Credit Analysis and Protection Services

Credit protection and analysis services that we offer:

In the ups and downs of today’s economy businesses are being impacted in ways we have never seen before. Typically, larger companies utilize services such as credit insurance which insures their receivables against any defaults from their account debtors. For the average small to medium size business, credit insurance can be very expensive and unattainable. Fortunately, with Durham Funding, your business can have the same credit protection services as large companies, a benefit that comes along with us providing capital to your business. Since we are a (Non-Recourse) factoring lender, you never have to worry about bad debt of your receivables. Once we lend you the funds against these receivables, we give you a credit facility. If one of your receivables turns delinquent and we have advanced you money on that receivable, we are the ones that assume the bad debt and start the collection process. With Durham, we essentially become your outsourced account receivables, credit and collections management department

We provide your company with an “In house credit analysis team”.

How nice would it be to have a credit analysis team on your side to investigate and research your potential customers and if you should do business with them? Durham can analyze the strength and weaknesses of current and potential customers to see whether or not you should be doing business with them and minimize your risk of bad debt. We also are constantly monitoring the creditworthiness of your customer’s credit to help you stay abreast of possibly negative changes with your customer’s credit and ability to pay. A good example of this was with Eastman Kodak company. We had several clients where this company was an account debtor and our clients were providing services or selling goods to Kodak. A few years ago Kodak’s credit rating was unquestionable given the strength of company. Well we all know what happened recently to this company with their bankruptcy filing and before we heard about the rumors of this in the news, Durham knew there was trouble with the company by monitoring our client’s receivables. We actually advised our clients to limit their exposure to Kodak and eventually advised them not to do business with Kodak at all.

All of the above are complimentary services we provide to our clients when funding their business.

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