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Top 4 Elements To Be Wary Of When Applying For A Commercial Loan

There’s nothing worse than rushing into a loan application in order to receive the cash as fast as possible and then realizing you have done business with a loan shark or someone who’s involved with predator lending. Loan sharks are usually unlicensed lenders who charge high interest rates on their loans and tend to act […]

Recourse Factoring vs. Non Recourse Factoring

Knowing the difference before making an investment Businesses looking for quick access to cash flow generally turn to factoring their invoices. Factoring is often defined as the selling of a companies account receivables at a discount to a Factoring Company who assumes the risk of the account debtors. As the debtors are settling their accounts, […]

Lenders Are Warned on Risk

By MICHAEL R. CRITTENDEN And MATT WIRZ U.S. regulators Thursday warned about the dangers lurking in the booming market for loans to struggling companies, acting to combat concerns over emerging bubbles in parts of the financial sector. The Federal Reserve and other banking regulators said that the controls and quality checks applied by lenders when […]

Using Receivables To Increase Profits

By Craig McGrain, President Durham When business owners look into financing for capital projects or expansion, most turn to banks. In today’s economy, however, the tight credit restrictions are causing many to look for alternative funding. If a business is growing and profitable, it is possible to obtain the required funding without increasing debt. A […]