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Attention Business Owners! Stop Being a Part-Time Banker for Your Customers.

How many customers take longer than 30 days to pay on their invoices? Congratulations! Your business has just extended credit to your customers. You may not have thought about it this way, but you are now in the banking business. Even worse, you probably have the best rates in town. If your customer went into […]

Why Consider Factoring when Financing Your Government Contract?

If your business is one that does a lot of work with the government, then you may have run up against some hefty competition with other businesses as you each try to gain the best jobs. Once you have earned the government contract, you will be guaranteed that work for as long as the contract […]

Examining the Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do with your business, your money tends to get stuck. You know that you have customers who have made purchases, the money is there (or will be there), but there is little you can do about it in the meantime. All the while, more and more of […]

Invoice Factoring vs. Bank Loans

When comparing means of financing for your company, it pays to weigh the pros and cons of invoice factoring against traditional bank loans.  With traditional bank financing the application process can be slow and very demanding on your company.  Banks typically require a great deal of documentation to support your ability to repay a loan, […]

The Benefits of Factoring Receivables for Staffing Companies

In today’s often inclement and unstable economy, many people have found themselves in unfamiliar territory, as in unemployed or suffering from a feeble job market, where even a college degree or years of work experience has left them out in the cold with the other hundreds of applicants.  In the interim, some have turned to […]

All About Accounts Receivable Financing

If your company is struggling with cash flow problems, or if you are looking to expand your operations without having enough liquidity to comfortably do so, account receivable financing (“A/ R” financing) may be the perfect solution you need. It is one of the oldest and most popular methods of bridging the time gap between […]

Is Factoring Receivables Right for Your Business?

Do you struggle from month to month, waiting for a client to pay you? Can a single customer with a large, overdue invoice really gum up your bank account until their check clears? Have you missed out on opportunities that required fast cash simply because you didn’t have enough of a buffer to cover the […]

5 Key Points of Factoring For Security Companies

1. Why Security Companies Need Funding Security companies come from an industry that often face serious costs involved with system upgrades, hiring security officers, and acquiring other related vehicles and equipment. Having a flexible line of credit obviously helps security companies continue to provide quality services to their customers, however what if the company doesn’t […]

Law Firm Factoring

A New Way Of Financing The Legal System: Factoring For Legal Entities & Law Firms It’s no secret that Legal services can be expensive, and with the constant up and down of the economy it is common that clients fall behind on their payment, holding up the cash flow for attorneys and law firms. Although […]

What You Didn’t Know About Fraud In Factoring

Due to our Non Recourse Factoring program, we have become pretty prominent in detecting fraud. While it is not always 100% preventable, there are some measures to take and be aware of to keep it from happening to you as a loan broker. With the current tough economy and its increasing continued downfall, fraud has […]